Domestic radio stations that can be heard from Canberra during daylight hours.

These readings were most recently taken at 15:00 on 18-Jun-2007 (GMT+1000) using a Grundig Yacht Boy 400, indoors, and are typical of what can be heard from Palmerston (a suburb 10km NNW of Canberra) during local daylight hours on any day. Unfortunately, the Grundig receiver is prone to intermodulation and overload interference from nearby powerful Gungahlin and Black Mountain transmissions, limiting the number of clear channels. So the results tabulated below are probably sub-optimal.

Link: Domestic radio stations that can be heard from Adelaide.

In the tables below, Station hyperlinks to the license details on the ACMA Register of Radiocommunication Licenses. Location hyperlinks to the geographical location of the transmitter recorded in the license. You'll need to install Google Earth to view the location hyperlink. Content hyperlinks to the website of the radio station.

In Google Earth you will notice that the placemarks are not directly over the transmitters (you can see this particularly clearly at Gungahlin and Prestons, where the placemark is approximately 500m South of the centre point of the towers). I'm not sure if this is a problem with the ACMA data or Google Earth.

Listened: 520kHz-1710kHz
Broadcast: 120 x 9kHz channels 531kHz-1602kHz
Narrowcast: 13 x 9kHz channels 522kHz, 1611kHz-1710kHz

Frequency (kHz)StationLocationTx Power (W)ContentReceptionApprox. Distance (km)
5492CRCumnock, NSW50kABC Central West NSWFair275
5762RNPrestons, NSW50kABC Radio NationalFair235
6032RNTomerong, NSW10kABC Radio NationalVery Faint130
6302PB (PNN / News Radio)Prestons, NSW10kABC Parliament and NewsVery Faint235
6662CNGungahlin, ACT5kABC CanberraStrong3
7022BLPrestons, NSW50kABC SydneyFaint235
8462RNGungahlin, ACT10kABC Radio NationalStrong3
10082KYGungahlin, ACT300Narrowcast - Racing (Sky Racing/TAB)Strong3
10532CAMitchell, ACT5kCommercial - Classic HitsStrong5
11251RPHGungahlin, ACT2kCommunity - Print HandicappedStrong3
12062CCGungahlin, ACT5kCommercial - TalkbackStrong3
13502LFYoung, NSW5kCommercialVery Faint130
13682GNGoulburn, NSW2kCommercialFaint75
14401SBSGungahlin, ACT2kSBS - MulticulturalStrong3
16472NTC (Radio 16 NTC)Kaleen, ACT400Narrowcast - Country Music (from Tamworth, NSW)Strong3

Listened: 87.50MHz-108.00MHz
Broadcast: 88.00MHz-108.00MHz
Narrowcast: 87.50MHz-88.00MHz

Frequency (MHz)StationLocationTx Power (W)ContentReceptionApprox. Distance (km)
87.6 Raw FM Canberra*, ACT 1Narrowcast - Club Culture Fair  
88.0 FM88 Info Radio Network Canberra*, ACT 1Narrowcast - Easy Listening Fair  
88.3 2ABCFM (Classic FM) Mount Ulandra, NSW 80kABC - Classical Music Faint  
88.7 ACTTAB Tuggeranong, ACT 100Narrowcast - Racing Fair  
89.1 2ABCRN Mount Ulandra, NSW 80kABC - Radio National Faint  
89.9 2RVR Mount Ulandra, NSW 80kABC - Riverina Faint  
90.7 2JJJ (Triple J) Mount Ulandra, NSW 80kABC - Youth Faint  
91.1 1CMS (CMS Radio) Black Mountain, ACT 20kCommunity - Multicultural Strong  
91.9 1WAY Black Mountain, ACT 20kCommunity - Christian Strong  
92.7 1ART Black Mountain, ACT 20kCommunity - Classical Music and Arts Strong  
93.5 2SNO (Eagle FM) Mount Gray, NSW 40kCommercial Faint  
93.9 2LFF (Star FM) Young, NSW 40kCommercial Very Faint  
95.7 2ABCFM (Classic FM) Knights Hill, NSW 150kABC - Classical Music Fair  
96.7 2QBN (QBN FM) Mt Jerrabomberra, NSW 500Community Fair  
97.3 2ILA Knights Hill, NSW 150kABC - Illawarra Fair  
97.5 2KY Mt Jerrabomberra, NSW 500Narrowcast - Racing (Sky Racing/TAB) Fair  
98.3 1XXR (2XX FM) Black Mountain, ACT 20kCommunity Strong  
98.9 2JJJ (Triple J) Knights Hill, NSW 150kABC - Youth Fair  
99.9 2PB (PNN / News Radio) Tuggeranong, ACT 100ABC - Parliament and News Faint  
100.3 2YAS (Yass FM) Mount Manton, NSW 2kCommunity Fair  
101.5 2JJJ (Triple J) Black Mountain, ACT 80kABC - Youth Strong  
102.3 2ABCFM (Classic FM) Black Mountain, ACT 80kABC - Classical Music Strong  
103.9 2PB (PNN / News Radio) Black Mountain, ACT 80kABC - Parliament and News Strong  
104.7 2ROC (FM 104.7) Black Mountain, ACT 20kCommercial - Newer Hits Strong  
105.5 2SBSFM Black Mountain, ACT 80kSBS - Multicultural Strong  
106.3 1CBR (Mix 106.3) Black Mountain, ACT 20kCommercial - Older Hits Strong  

* These services consist of many small transmitters distributed over the coverage area.

Other VHF FM stations to listen for in Canberra but not heard from Palmerston: 94.3MHz 1WAY Tuggeranong retransmission, 89.5MHz Valley FM Tuggeranong community station.

Domestic HF/AM
2300kHz-2495kHz, 3200kHz-3400kHz, 3950kHz-4000kHz, 4750kHz-4995kHz, 5005kHz-5060kHz

Visit the Adelaide page for HF information. VL8A, VL8K and VL8T can all be heard at night from Canberra. There is no daytime reception however.