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Peter Cook & Dudley Moore Present Derek & Clive (Live), Island Masters (Island Records Ltd), IMCD 7 (842 740-2)Derek and Clive Come Again, Virgin Records Ltd, CDOVD 110 (0777 7 87179 2 8)Derek and Clive Ad Nauseam, Virgin Records Ltd, CDOVD 162
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1 The Worst Job I Ever Had1 You Stupid Cunt1 Endangered Species
2 This Bloke Came up to Me2 Coughin' Contest2 Horse Racing
3 The Worst Job He Ever Had3 Cancer3 TV
4 Squatter and the Ant4 Non-Stop Dancer / My Mum Song4 Bruce Forsyth
5 In the Lav5 Joan Crawford5 Records
6 Little Flo6 Norman the Carpet6 Soul Time
7 Just One of Those Songs7 How's Your Mother7 Russia
8 Winkie Wanky Woo8 Back of the Cab8 Sir
9 Bo Duddley9 Alfie Noakes9 Celebrity Suicide
10 Blind10 Nurse10 Politics
11 Top Rank11 In the Cubicles11 Labels
12 Cancer12 Ross McPharter12 Street Music
13 Jump13 Hello Colin13 The Horn
Report a problem, or just say hello.14 Having a Wank14 Mona
15 I Saw This Bloke15 The Critics
16 Parking Offence16 Intergalactic Sex
17 Members Only17 Rape, Death and Paralysis
18 Valerie's Hymen18 Lady Vera Fart Teller
19 Mother19 I Can't Shit
20 Young Dudley Moore Performs 'Jump'20 Sex Manual
 21 Stupid