Holly IRC Session 1
IRC channel #seven
4:30pm EST, Friday 5/Sep/1997.

     <Holly> Hi I'm Holly from Agro's Cartoon Connection.  This is my first
             time on IRC so be nice!  Any questions?

     <Holly> To ask questions type /msg questions [Your question]

 <evilwabit> Ok holly - how can we ask you questions ? 

     <Holly> I'm here guys talk to me.
     <Holly> To ask questions type /msg #questions [Your question]
     <Holly> ooops :)

       <Yog> <Mezle> Hey Holly how ya goin?

  <Question> <GigaByte> have you found a decient place to llive near the beach?

     <Holly> Mezle: I'm great now that I'm talking to someone.

  <Question> <jonno> What's Agro like?

     <Holly> GigaByte- Yeah its great I can ear the waves crashing outside the

     <Holly> jonno - A pain to work with but the witty personality tends to win
             you round.

  <Question> <GigaByte> wouldn't be woolongong would it?

     <Holly> GigaByte - Not even close.

     <Holly> Romeo - Hey Romeo

  <Question> <Vincent> - What kinds of commercials did you do in your early

  <Question> <Clive> Hi Holly, how much would it cost for you to destroy all of
             Seven's "X-Gen Kids" tapes?  Who do we blame for those god-awful
             segments BTW? :-)

  <Question> <GigaByte> are you involved with anyone at the moment?

     <Holly> Vincent - Freedom Furntiture, Uncle Tony's Kababs and any other
             commercial I could get my face on.  Along with support roles in
             two movies and various series.

  <Question> <armie> Is there a pic available of the cartoon connex people
             anywhere on the web?

  <Question> <BuddahLov> do you like salior moon?

     <Holly> Clive - We can blame the producer for those ones but actually in
             real fact x-gen segments are x-tremely important to the show being
             heavily supported to the show.

     <Holly> GigaByte - I've got lots of close friends you mean a lot to me.

  <Question> <Clive> Armie:  Checkout www.holon.net/agro

  <Question> <T2> Are you really Holly from Agro's show?

     <Holly> Army - Not at the moment but one is coming soon.  We're doing a
             shoot.  Check out the site there's heaps of pics there.

     <Holly> T2 - Yes I am can't you tell by croaky voice.

  <Question> <solder> whos your fave cartoon char ?

  <Question> <GigaByte> are you studying?

  <Question> <Clive> The voice is pretty clear now - I guess the surgery worked

  <Question> <Mezle> What was it like working with Skippy

  <Question> <Mezle> i here your bit of a rollerblader, where do you go?

  <Question> <Hellman> Is the roadrunner male of female

  <Question> <[scope]> don't you think you could get a better job in tv rather
             than humoring a bathmat?

  <Question> <Cowhead> does working with agro drive you crazy?

  <Question> <DragonFly> WILL YOU MARRY ME?!?!?!?

  <Question> <ManUFear> did u have a crush on gibbo?

    <chopin> can people stop questions for a  minute or so please :)

        <T2> llman - Your guess is as good as mine!

        <T2> Mezle - to the beach if I make it there - I usually fall over

        <T2> DragonFly -Show me your bank account and I consider it.

        <T2> Scope - Its a great sarting point and I consider it a stepping
             stone.  Besides working with a bath mat is not all that bad!

        <T2> ManUFear - Gibbo was great.  He taught me heaps and I am very fond
             of him.

  <Question> <Clive> Most embarrassing moment on the show (and/or off the show)?

        <T2> CowHead - I was crazy before I started!

        <T2> Clive - Wearing a turkey suit would be up there with the best of

  <Question> <CoLaBBL> What new programs are coming to seven

  <Question> <|Man|> are you single??

        <T2> CoLaBBL - I don't work in that department but if you hear of
             anything good let me know I'm always ready for an audition.

        <T2> Man - Yes

  <Question> <ManUFear> whats your fave cartoon?

        <T2> ManUFear - Flinstones.  Yabba Dabba Doo!!!!

  <Question> <ManUFear> whats your fave cartoon?

  <Question> <GigaByte> are you on the look out for a guy? if so what would the
             ideal guy for you be like?

  <Question> <Kapow> who do admire most in life?

  <Question> <[scope]> hehe ok then.. where do you plan on stepping too
             sometime soon..

        <T2> Kapow - My parents - isn't that mushy.

  <Question> <Clive> What kind of music are you into?  Fave album right now?

  <Question> <Ryan`> Would u go out on a date with me?

        <T2> Scope - I don't know where I'm going to end up but in a good movie
             would be fine by me.

        <T2> Clive - I like all music but don't ask me to sing.

        <T2> Ryan - Sorry tonight's already taken.

  <Question> <Dante_> If they made a movie about you and your associates in
             life, who do you think hollywood (sic) would hire to play yourself?

  <Question> <Kapow> do you like travelling & where???

  <Question> <Vincent> - Can we gate-crash your parties?

        <T2> Dante - Alicia Silverstone!

  <Question> <Kurns> Holly do you get lots of pathetic guys in real life asking
             you lamo questions like these desperados are?

  <Question> <Mezle> What was it like working with Skippy

  <Question> <DragonFly> How Old are you??

  <Question> <ManUFear> r u into Marilyn Manson???

        <T2> Vincient - I never have any, I'm always working.  Boring hey!

  <Question> <Mezle> What was it like working with Skippy

        <T2> Kurns - It comes with the job - written in small print in the

  <Question> Intermission

  <Question> Holly will be back shortly

  <Question> <pebbles2> holly, what r your hobbies outside cartonns?

    <Holly2> Hi everyone, I'm back...any questions!!

    <Holly2> pebbles2: rollerblading, going to the gym when I have time and the

     <Holly> I'm back

     <Holly> Sorry bout that

     <Holly> <Clive> So you're enjoying the Sydney lifestyle then?

     <Holly> Clive: I found it hard at first, but now I am accustomed to it and
             wouldn't live anywhere else..

     <Holly> <Clive> Your family moved to Brisbane from Adelaide when you were
             a kid right?

     <Holly> Clive: no they moved to the gold coast, it's a big difference

     <Holly> <Mezle> Have you any plans to do any movies?

     <Holly> Mezle: Hopefully I'll get my foot back in that door

     <Holly> <Vincent> - Have you had any more disasters lately, apart from
             gettingstuck under the Sydney Harbour? Still got that Corolla?

     <Holly> Vincent: I still have the corolla, it's a curse, but no other
             accidents so far

     <Holly> <GigaByte> are you on the look out for a guy? if so what would the
             ideal guy for you be like?

     <Holly> GigaByte: Personality is everything, but looks and a bank account
             don't go astray

     <Holly> <Ryan`> Holly...im madly in love with you! i know i dont know u
             and you've never seen me before but id love to just talk to u for
             a couple of minutes...i can send u a pic of me if u like!

     <Holly> Ryan: Thanks Ryan....I'm flattered

     <Holly> <Mezle> Do you hangout with any of the other CC crew?

     <Holly> Mezle: Ocassionally, I hang out with the behind the scenes crew,
             but everyone's funloving and gets along well

     <Holly> <ZeroMan> how many 'days' do you guys actually record in one
             NORMAL day? AND...do u actually sit there and watch all the

     <Holly> zeroman: Unfortunately, not all the cartoons and we record 5 days
             in one record

     <Holly> <Ryan`> so holly can i talk to u sometime...or go out with u??

     <Holly> <Hol> ryan: I'm a hrd girl to catch and my black book's full!!

    <melsie> type /msg #questions [type your question here] to ask Holly your

     <Holly> <Mezle> I thought i saw you in Paradise Beach, could that be
             right, it was a while back.

     <Holly> mezle: Hasn't everyone on the Gold Coast been in it??

     <Holly> <ManUFear> Do u watch Cheez TV?

     <Holly> manufear: what's cheez tv...ha ha

     <Holly> <Vincent> - In case I missed last time... How's your vocal chords?
             Will your voice ever return to its former glory since that surgery?

     <Holly> Vincent: They're on the improve, but I talk too much, thanks for
             your concern!!

     <Holly> <Ryan`> Holly...if i caught up with you i can assure you we'd have
             a great time!

     <Holly> ryan: you're probably right

     <Holly> <GigaByte> what is on for your agenda for tonight?

     <Holly> gigabyte: where do I start

     <Holly> <DaLLaS> is that really you or some fag pretending to be you

     <Holly> dallas: It's me alright. can't you tell by my croaky voice

     <Holly> <Kudos> How did you get roped into coming on IRC to let everyone
             ask you questions?

     <Holly> kudos: the ladies who do the website conned me!!

     <Holly> <WaLLeY> holly babe. do you like the hype n stuff that goes along
             with being a a tv personality ??

     <Holly> walley: Love it...It's what makes working in TV so enjoyable

     <Holly> <Mischuf> What does the guy under the desk do with his other hand

     <Holly> mischuf: some things are best left unsaid

     <Holly> <ManUFear> are you atractted to Agro in any way?

     <Holly> manufear: sorry, bathmats aren't my type, but he is rather cute

     <Holly> <Mezle> What's your idea of a perfect date?

     <Holly> mezle: a plane ticket to the Greek Islands

     <Holly> <Scottie> do you have any unusual body piercings?

     <Holly> scottie: just my ears

     <Holly> * CompuCat gives Holly a perfect Rose  @}->--- 

     <Holly> compucat: thanks for the rose, it smells divine.

     <Holly> <GigaByte> are you enjoying this talking on IRC or would you
             rather be doing something else?  Tell the truth

     <Holly> gigabyte: it's fun...it's my first time, but the beach is always

     <Holly> <An0Nym0Us> do u poroxide ur hair coz hte girl that host the show
             said u did ??

     <Holly>  anonymous: it's only tint OK...

     <Holly> <Ryan`> Holly: So why dont we go out sometime and get to know each

     <Holly> ryan: you don't give up do you

     <Holly> <TwEeTyPiE> do you actually like brad i mean hes a bit of a Fool

     <Holly> tweetypie:he gets carried away sometimes, but heh we all do

     <Holly> <Mezle> Could i interest you in a  plane ticket to the Greek

     <Holly> mezle: First class???

     <Holly> CompuCat>  How Old are you holly, if you don't mind me asking?

     <Holly> compucat: 19, nearly 20

     <Holly> <Mit> do you get any bizarre fan mail ?

     <Holly> mit: sometimes it's rather strange, but most is great

     <Holly> <DRivE> holly so i see ryan is a lover of your's hehehe...what do
             think about that?

     <Holly> drive: it's kinda flattering, any girl loves attention

     <Holly> <An0Nym0Us> Hey Holly, Do You Believe In Love @ First Sight... Or
             Do I Have To Walk By Again?

     <Holly> anonymous: stranger things have happened

     <Holly> <Mezle> What do think i'm  that cheap?

     <Holly>  meazle: I don't know you, do I?

     <Holly> <Git> What colour are your Pyjamas?

     <Holly> git: I've got blue ones

     <Holly> <SpRiTz> How long have you been in show bizz?

     <Holly> spritz: since I was 15...four years

     <Holly> <Mezle> I was just over a the QANTAS site, we're lucky, there two
             spare seats leaving this evening! how lucky are we!

     <Holly> mezle: I collect frequent flyer points on Ansett

     <Holly> <DaLLaS> how can u answer all these questions so quick, u aint
             that smart

     <Holly> dallas: that's not nice....it takes a lot of intelligence to work
             with a bathmat

     <Holly> <Vincent> - How did you land the audition for Cartoon Connection,
             and what was it like?

     <Holly> vincent: through my agent, who I'd worked through
             before...Painful, I was late and ran out of petrol...Cars and I
             don't get on very well

    <chopin> last questions people :)

    <chopin> make em worth it 

     <Holly> <WaLLeY> Holly is there a special Man / Woman in your life ??

     <Holly> walley: agro's pretty special

     <Holly> <Mit> so whats so great about the Greek Islands ? Sounds like a
             bit of a dodgy place to me ...

     <Holly> Mit: I've never been, but would like to see them

     <Holly> <Mezle> Looks like i got a spare ticket, any other takers?

     <Holly> mezle: Dumped so quick heh

     <Holly> <Vincent> -- Why are you so accident-prone, Holly? Seriously?

     <Holly> vincent: it's not me it's my car

     <Holly> <DRivE> holly do u have a balanced diet to keep in such good shape?

     <Holly> drive: I try to eat healthy food, but chocolate always wins in the

     <Holly> <Scottie> why can't bob drive a tractor??

     <Holly> scotte: OK, why?

     <Holly> <ElLiEjAnE> <hey can u just say hi to me please?>

     <Holly> ellijane: hi ellijane, glad you could make it, ask a quick
             question cause I have to run real soon

     <Holly> <Kudos> Do you have any bro's or sisters?

     <Holly> kudos: a younger sister

     <Holly> <FA18> what happened to Gibo holly? do you know?

     <Holly> fa18: he couldn't make the move to Sydney, too many commitments

     <Holly> <Scottie> Because Bob is a fish Holly

     <Holly> scottie: ha ha I'll have to remember that one!!

     <Holly> <ElLiEjAnE> <Is working on CC fun?>

     <Holly> elliejane: it's heaps of fun and I get to do some really cool

     <Holly> <Mezle> Hey Holly what's your address, i send you a postcard.

     <Holly>  Mezle: Send it to agro@seven.com.au

     <Holly> <WaLLeY> Holly How have you found IRC? would you ever consider
             comming back ??

     <Holly> walley: I'll be back same time, same place on the 26th September

     <Holly> <Scottie> why CAN bob fly a plane

     <Holly> scottie: don't tell me, he's a fish

     <Holly> <ElLiEjAnE> <who do u enjoy working with most?>

     <Holly> elliejane: They're all great for different reasons

     <Holly> Well thanks for coming everyone, I've really enjoyed my first
             experience with chat and nearly scored a plane ticket to Greece
             too. See you all on Monday, 7am for Cartoon Connection. Don't miss
             Terasa at 4pm next Friday...Thanks for the rose Anonymous

    <chopin> Holly has left the building ...